1.) Banana Leaf 

2.) Parrot Polynesia

3.) Hitokue Papaya


5.) Burning Farm

6.) Parallel Woman

7.)An Angel Has Come


9.)I Am A Realist

10.)Voice Crane/Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaner’s Theme

11.) Planet X

12.) Summertime Boogie

13.) Miracles




1   Rev Up – TPA
2   Some Fool’s Mess
3   Just One More
4   Two Wings Mambo
5   You, The Night …And The Music
6   Gallon Drunk
7   Night Tide
8   Eye Of The Storm
9   The Tornado


1.) Theoretical Girls(2:35)

2.) Computer Dating(3:15)

3.) Contrary Motion(3:51)

4.)Europe Man(4:20)

5.) Lovin In the Red(2:16)

6.)U.S Millie(3:04)

7.)No More Sex(3:26)

8.) Keyboard Etude(1:09)

9.) Nato(2:05)

10.)Electronic Angie(1:24)

11.) Chicita Bonita(5:26)

12.) Polytona! (3:30)

13.)Parlez-Vou Francais(3:56)

14.) Theoretical Girls-Studio(2:53)

15.) Chicita Bonita(Second Version)(5:30)

16:Lovin In the Red(second version) (2:36)

17: Computer Dating(Second Version) (3:38)

18:Electronic Angie(Second Version) (2:44)

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1) Mona Lisa
2) Old People
3) A Kitchen In The Clouds
4) Don’t Walk On The Kitchen Floor
5) Housewives Play Tennis
6) See Me
7) Howard After Six
8) I’m Five
9) My Neighbor Makes Noise
10) Businessmen In Space
11) Pills And Money
12) Bad Luck With Parents
13) Physical Ed
14) Mom And Dad
15) Salt And Pepper
16) Disneyland
17) Hidden Track

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john-gavantiJohn Gavanti is a No Wave opera written by Mark Cunningham (of Mars), Sumner Crane (of Mars), China Burg (of Mars), Ikue Mori (of DNA) and Arto Lindsay (of DNA) and can be credited to Mars & DNA I guess, or just John Gavanti. It is short but sweet and Crane’s vocals are wonderful. 

1. Overture
2. I Awake
3. On Board Ship
4. Gavanti Samba
5. Oh Ancient Ocean
6. New York Blues
7. Higher and Higher
8. Africa
9. Mirror Mirror
10. Venice/Locus Solus
11. Gavanti’s Lament
12. Homeward Bound


Die Goldenen Zitronen are a punk rock band from Hamburg, Germany that are known for their entertaining and politically relevant style.

Founded in the 1980s, they have in recent years branched out from punk and created a more experimental style that combines several different forms of music. The band is also especially known for its chaotic live performances.


A1   Lied Der Stimmungshochhalter (3:09)
A2   Mila (3:54)
A3   Von Den Dämonen Des Wesley Willis (2:40)
A4   Wenn Ich Ein Turnschuh Wär (5:17)
A5   Mickeyrourkeske (2:49)
A6   Lenin (4:31)
B1   Der Bürgermeister (4:17)
B2   Complication (2:36)
    Featuring – Chicks On Speed
B3   Raus Aus Der Klasse, Zurück In Die Klasse (3:33)
B4   Das Sag Ich Dir Nicht (3:03)
B5   Terminator I Und Sigmund Freud (3:36)
B6   Europäische Aussenstellen (3:12)
B7   Gevatter Böhm Erzählt (3:03)


01 Ces gens-là
02 Jef
03 La chanson de Jacky
04 Les bergers
05 Tango funèbre
06 Fernand
07 Mathilde
08 L’âge idiot
09 Grand-mère
10 Les désespérés
11 Mijn vlakke land (le plat pays) (bonus)
12 Rosa (version flamande) (bonus)
13 De burgerij (les bourgeois) (bonus)
14 De nuttelozen van de nacht (les paumés du petit matin) (bonus)


Brigitte Bardot-B.B(1964)

January 28, 2009



01. Moi je joue
02. Une histoire de plage
03. Ça pourrait changer (Don’t You Ever Change Your Mind)
04. A la fin de l’été… (tu sais)
05. Ne me laisse pas l’aimer
06. Maria ninguém (Carlos Lyra)
07. Je danse donc je suis
08. Mélanie
09. Ciel de lit
10. Un jour comme un autre
11. Les cheveux dans le vent
12. Jamais trois sans quatre



January 28, 2009

UT was a female NY-based no wave / punk trio from the late ’70s. After being ignored by New York’s post-no-wavers, UT packed it in and headed for England, where they landed on Blast First label. They also recorded at Cold Storage and Southern Studios. Conviction was released on vinyl by Out Records (OUT R 03) in 1985.


1. Confidential
2. Sick
3. Phoenix
4. Absent Farmer
5. Stain
6. Prehistory
7. Bedouin
8. Kcahsmahs (Spare Coconut)
9. Mouse Sleep


tiltThe songs on the album have a decidedly bleak, forlorn and funereal mood; the lyrics are replete with arcane allusions and recondite wordplay and ellipses. Like Walker’s previous effort, Climate of Hunter (1984), Tilt combines elements of industrial music with European avant-garde and experimental influences. The unusual literary, musical and performance qualities of Walker’s songwriting and singing are reminiscent of the lieder, chanson and “art song” traditions — forms which long predate the era of recorded popular music and electronic media.

The compositions emphasize abstract atmospherics over structure, with minimalist, slightly discordant “sound blocks” and trance-like repetition rendered through carefully nuanced instrumentation and sparsely deployed sonic effects. Walker’s mournful (some might say, lugubrious) voice resonates in a cavernous echo, taking on a haunted, distant, desolate quality, which one reviewer characterized as “Samuel Beckett at La Scala”.

1. Farmer in the City 2. The Cockfighter 3. Bouncer See Bouncer… 4. Manhattan 5. Face on Breast 6. Bolivia ’95 7. Patriot (A Single) 8. Tilt 9. Rosary